about the artist

Photo of artist Nick Vidakovic holding a popular piece of his intarsia artwork - large red octopus

Florida woodworking artist Nick Vidakovic and his wife, Roz, create unique pictorial wood inlay mosaics called intarsia. When not participating in art shows and festivals, Nick and Roz enjoy kayaking, birdwatching and collecting artifacts. Nick was born and raised in Wisconsin; Roz in California, and both currently live in Florida and Ohio. Their work has been inspired by their travels all over the United States. Please visit our guestbook to view images of past custom works as well as comments from previous customers.

placing an order

Each composition is crafted from separate pieces which are individually sanded, rounded, painted or stained, then inlaid to create the finished original design. Alternate direction of wood grains give each finished artwork its own unique character. Request a custom design or view the gallery to browse through a collection of current designs and contact us for a quote.

Video courtesy of HGTV.

An aquatic scene made up of individual pieces from the 'Aquatic Collection' by intarsia artist Nick Vidakovic.